Every committee member forms part of the “registered person” and is responsible for the Pre-School. The “nominated person” is the point of contact for Ofsted and is the person responsible for ensuring that individual committee members complete their paperwork.

Mr Goldi Novkovic
As a teacher of many years experience, he is very keen to promote Early Years education and as the “nominated person” is the point of contact for Ofsted and other relevant agencies, as well as being responsible for coordinating the organisation of the committee and their paperwork. He is also responsible for the Pre-school website.

Mr Lance Brodie
As well as being a father of a child at the Pre-School, as a banker, he is responsible for managing all aspects of the financial dealings of the setting, from parental fees to funding and monies collected from fund raising events, in collaboration with Claire.

Mrs Jenny Novkovic
As well as being the Manager of the Pre-School, she acts as the Secretary to the committee, making sure that minutes are kept and that a record of any decisions made are well documented and distributed to the rest of the committee.

Mrs Zoe Redman, Mrs Cat Marden , Mrs Becky Dilley
Fundraising and Advertising Sub-Committee
They are responsible for promoting the setting by organising fund raising events and local events that the Pre–School attends, such as the Framfield Show, MacMillan Coffee morning and our annual Summer sponsored walk, as well as advertising it in local publications and on Twitter.

Other members of the committee are: Mrs Bethany Wright (present parent), Mrs Claire Brodie (present parent) and Mrs Rachel Willcox (former parent), who all enthusiastically support the work of the Pre-School. If you would like to join the committee or want to know more about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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