Christmas Nativity Show and Raffle 2017

This year’s Christmas Nativity Show: “The King is Born” took place on December 8th. The children, aged between 2 and 4 years old, performed brilliantly. They sang a selection of lively songs, as well as acting and dancing energetically and with confidence. As always, the contribution and dedication of the staff was much appreciated, from producing the professional looking programme with individual pictures of the cast, to the making of props and scenery. Mr Guy Partidge, the Minister from the New Life Church, kindly narrated the story for us as the children performed their songs to an appreciative audience of over 90 parents and family friends. Father Christmas also managed to visit the children, despite his busy schedule at this time of year, providing presents to all the children.

After the performance, refreshments, including mulled wine and mince pies, were sold. This was followed by a raffle, with presents donated by local businesses and parents, which raised over £260 for Pre-school funds. Thank you to all those involved for making this such a successful event.


Leavers’ Show 2017-“Billy Goats Gruff”

Another confident performance from the Class of 2017, where every child was involved and some managed to improvise their own lines to add to the occasion. Some of the children played instruments too. Thanks go to the staff for preparing the show so well as well the  parents for providing some of the costumes and props. Congratulations to the performers for learning their lines and the words of the songs, which were delivered with enthusiasm and confidence. Who knows, this may be the start of an acting career for some of them!

Sports Day and Fun Day June 2017


On Saturday 10th June, we held our sports day and fun day at the Blackboys Recreation Ground between 11am and 2pm. 100 spectators, made up of parents, grandparents and siblings of the Pre-school children, enthusiastically supported them in the various races, followed by a few parents races. Nearly 40 children participated in the sports day events, wearing their own exclusively designed T shirts and receiving a medal and certificate for participating.

The fun day, which took place immediately afterwards, saw everyone enjoying taking part in a variety of activities: from the bouncy castle, guinea pig petting area, football goal target, face painting and hook a duck. There was also a cake stall and BBQ for the sale of hot dogs, as well as an ice- cream van, with all proceeds going to the Pre-school. We managed to raise nearly £300.

An excellent family atmosphere prevailed on a sunny, if a little windy, day. Thank you to those that came to support this wonderful event, the staff and committee members for organising it so efficiently and to all the adults and children for making it such a special occasion.

WI Race Night 2017

                                                                    Image by Ron Hill

We were presented with a cheque for £300 from The Framfield and Blackboys WI at the “Hare & Hounds” in Framfield as part of their race night fundraising event to raise money for local charities. Over 50 people had bought supper tickets and another 30 people joined in from the bar. This is so much appreciated and the money will be used to expand our allotment facilities and equipment for the garden.


Christmas Nativity Show and Raffle 2016

The Christmas Nativity Show and Raffle took place on December 8th and raised over £170 for Pre-School funds. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for attending. The children performed amazingly, singing a selection of songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Many of the children made up their own lines and the staff’s contribution and dedication was brilliant, as seen in the professional looking programme with individual pictures of the cast, to the making of props, costumes and scenery. Members of the committee were on hand to serve refreshments, including mulled wine and mince pies. As well as the visit of Father Christmas, Mr Guy Partidge, the Minister from the New Life Church, kindly narrated the story for us as the children performed their songs to an audience of over 80 parents and family friends.

img_5327-nativity-showChildren in Need 2016

This year the children and staff wore their onesies and PJs all week and had fun joining in various activities, including cooking Pudsey cupcakes and biscuits, as well as going on a Bear Hunt Walk. In total they raised £372.86. Congratulations and well done to all those that raised a wonderful total for a worthwhile charity.

children-in-need-v4        children-in-need-2016-v2      children-in-need-v5      children-in-need-2016

MacMillan Coffee Morning September 30th 2016

A large turn out at this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning event raised over £200 for the cancer charity. Thank you to all those that attended and to those that baked the delicious cakes and biscuits.

Holiday Club Summer 2016

The culmination of another eventful and successful academic year saw the first Summer Holiday club taking place between July and August. A few of the familiar faces from Pre-school attended, as well as several new children ranging between 2-8 years old. It was lovely to see how they all interacted, with the older children involving the younger ones in their activities and games with maturity and enthusiasm. If you would like your child to attend the next sessions in October, please do contact Katy:

Holiday club summer 2016 1  Holiday club summer 2016 7  Holiday club summer 2016 5 Holiday club 2016 3

Leavers’ Show 2016- “The Princess and the Pea”

This year, 20 children were involved in the performance of this famous fairy tale through words and songs. We had narrators, musicians and actors, with the children speaking their parts and singing the songs with enthusiasm and confidence. The musicians played a variety of instruments, from rain sticks to cymbals and a real timpani. The costumes and props added a lovely splash of colour to the whole event. Congratulations to the children for having performed so well in front of their parents, as well the staff for having organised the show so professionally. This was the children’s last public event before moving onto their Primary schools in September. We are so proud of them and wish them the very best of luck for the future. Here’s to the Class of 2016!


2016 leavers show picture

Sports Day 2016

This year’s event, held on Wednesday 22nd June,  had 36 children participating in 4 different events, with an adult race for ladies and gentlemen. Each child designed their own T shirt, displaying a self portrait. Whilst the weather was over cast,  the children were cheered on by family and friends. Every child was presented with a medal and a certificate of participation. Have we seen a future Olympic champion? Thank you to those that came to support this wonderful event, the staff for organising it so efficiently and the children for making it such a special occasion.

sports day 2016 v2                      Sports day 2016v1

sports day 2016v3                      sports day 2016v4

Gruffalo Walk 2016

On Saturday May 14th, we held a Gruffalo Walk as part of our celebration of the lovely children’s story, as well as raising money for the Pre-School. The weather stayed kind for us, which attracted so many families, with some of the children making the effort to dress up in Gruffalo story related costumes. The Gruffalo led the walk around the village, followed by the families and including children that left the Pre-School over 6 years ago, which was nice to see. Thank you to all involved, from the grandparents, parents and their children for attending and providing a selection of delicious cakes and other food to members of the committee and the staff for setting it up so efficiently. Special thanks go to Nigel Ashdown, who supplied a 100 sausages, nearly all of which were eaten! And to Alex Stenning Roofing Company for contributing towards the hire of the bouncy castle. We managed to raise over £400.

Gruffalo walk 2016 1   Gruffalo Walk 2016 2  Gruffalo walk 2016 3

Gruffalo walk 2016 6 Gruffalo walk 4 Gruffalo walk 5

The New Chickens Have Arrived!

If you have a minute or two do try and visit our allotment, where our new chicken run has been constructed, as well as the arrival of our 4 new chickens. In particular, we would like to thank Jeremy Bacon and Neville Pratt for all their time and expertise in building the run for us. Also, a big thank you to Martin’s Wood Farm for supplying our 4 new hens. ( As you can see, we have already had our first egg!

IMG_7198   IMG_7196  IMG_7197 

Fire Fighters Visit Our Pre- School

In November 2015, fire fighters from the Uckfield Fire station visited the Pre-School. The children had a chance to climb into the fire engine as well as see them in their fire fighting uniform and switch on the water hose. Fun was had by all. Thank you, Uckfield Fire Station.

IMG_0082 (1)IMG_0092 (3)IMG_4349

















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