The fee structure and arrangements for payments for the Pre-school are explained below:

Registration Fee: There is a one off £20 fee to cover administration costs and is non- refundable.

Fees: Invoices are issued on a termly basis, with 6 in total, and payments are due by the last Friday of each month. The current non- funded hourly rate is £5.25. Options for monthly and weekly payments are available.

Payment methods: Payments can be made using cash, cheque or by BACS. Please be aware that credit card/debit card payments cannot be accepted.

Childcare vouchers: We do accept appropriate vouchers for children that qualify for this scheme.

Refunds due to illness: Please be aware that no refunds are available if your child is ill.

Payment plans: These may be available, depending upon individual circumstances, in order to help parents to afford to pay the fees, but only after a prior arrangement has been made, in strictest confidence, with the Manager.

Late collection charge: If a child is collected late, please be aware that a late charge will be due and will be a percentage of the hourly rate of £5.25. We would ask you to make every effort to contact the Pre-school in advance if you are unable to arrive on time or have made alternative arrangements as regards pick ups.

Charges for late payment of fees:  A verbal reminder, followed by a formal written one, will be issued in order for outstanding fees to be paid in full if no attempt to pay the balance is made, with a timescale of 7 days allowed for the payment to be made after the issuing of the letter.  If no attempt is made to pay the balance after this time, further charges may apply. The Pre-school also reserves the right to recover outstanding fees using a debt collection agency or through the courts. Whilst an individual payment plan may be able to be set up, on a case by case basis, it is the responsibility of the person that normally pays the fees to contact the Manager within the 7 day time scale, giving reasons for the request of a payment plan. All communication will be confidential.

Consequences of continuous late payments: The Pre-school reserves the right to refuse to allow a child to attend future sessions until the balance has been paid and may ultimately lead to the cancellation a child’s place. Further administration charges may be incurred to offset the inconvenience caused to the Pre-school.

Of course, if you would like to discuss the fees associated with the setting, please contact the Manager, Mrs Jenny Novkovic on: jenny@blackboyspreschool.org.uk or 01825 891113.

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