Outdoor Area

We offer a truly unique outdoor area which has been refurbished, including a new turf surface and Wendy house and slide. The play area boasts the following a variety of equipment, from garages and cars, dolls houses, train tracks, tunnels, cars and bikes, bouncing balls, skittle sets and sensory equipment to a white board and paining easel.

The outside area allows for a variety of activities to take place at the same time, in order to accommodate the differing interests of the children. These range from a quiet area, role-play equipment,  construction resources, a sand pit area and a water play area. When the weather permits, we have sufficient equipment to operate an entire session in this outdoor area. Our two guinea pigs live in this area, and the children are regularly allowed to handle them, feed them and help in clearing their hutch out. This makes them learn how to be responsible for keeping pets.

We also have our own allotment, which is situated next door to the pre-school, allowing the children to discover nature at work, through the planting of flowers and observing wildlife in our pond, such as frogs. We have 3 hens that live on the allotment in our newly renovated chicken run, laying eggs on a regular basis, which children can take home, or are used in any cooking activities.

We are developing the Forest school aspect of the setting, working with natural materials such as wood and the development of a camp fire, where the children will learn to cook their own food.

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